Organiser disappointed with attendance at obesity seminar

Guyana Chronicle
December 6, 2002

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DIRECTOR of Food Policy Division within the Ministry of Health, Ms Janice Archibald has expressed disappointment that a number of fast food businesses and hotels failed to send representatives to a seminar geared to sensitise heath workers to obesity.

The programme, entitled 'Combating Obesity in Guyana: Rethinking Our Strategy', was conducted at Hotel Tower in Main Street, Georgetown, on December 2.

It was organised by the Ministry, in collaboration with Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), whose Director, Dr Fitzroy Henry was the facilitator.

Archibald told the Chronicle invitation letters were sent out and this is the time for inter-sectoral cooperation that is essential to effectively tackle the problem of obesity in Guyana.

She said the intention is not to shut down any business but to help them prepare meals that would be healthier and just as tasty.

Archibald lamented the lack of salad bars in Guyana and said it is a great concern, especially as recent efforts to get one business place to open one proved futile.

She said the eating-houses are of the opinion that the salad usually served with a meal is sufficient but the importance would be pointed out to them during planned visits.

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