Dr. Jagan’s New Global Human Order on UN Agenda

Guyana Chronicle
December 5, 2002

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The Role of the United Nations in promoting the New Global Human Order will be included in the agenda of the fifty-ninth session of the UN General Assembly.

The concept of a New Global Human Order was first mooted by late President Dr. Cheddi Jagan out of deep concern for all the peoples of the world, especially the poor.

As he explained on the many occasions when he promoted the concept, a new Global Human Order would call for genuine North/South and East/West partnerships and co-operation. These would have to be based on recognition of interdependence for mutual benefits.

When he introduced the “Emergence of a Global Humanitarian Order” in 1994 at the inter-Sessional meeting of the conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, Dr. Jagan noted the widening gap between the rich and the poor and the impact such a situation could have on democracies.

In December 1992, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution entitled ‘New International Humanitarian Order’ that urged Governments to provide comments regarding the humanitarian order to develop international co-operation in the humanitarian field.

In 1993 the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Cyprus considered a memorandum on ‘The Emergence of a New Global Humanitarian Order’. That memorandum comprised a set of principles to govern the behavior of states to underpin the new humanitarian order and to prevent conflicts.

Among some of the issues promoted in Dr. Jagan’s concept for the new Global Human Order are, funding for Human development, the UN Development Programme 20:20 compact - A call for aid restructuring, debts crisis and the need for a special strategy.

CARICOM countries and nations of Africa and other parts of the world have supported that draft resolution for a new global human order.

The decision to include it on the UN agenda is based on the UN’s commitment to achieving internationally agreed development goals and on the role of the UN in promoting a new global human order. (GINA)

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