Good signs for next year
Guyana Chronicle
December 3, 2002

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As the year winds down, all indicators are pointing to a boom in the business sector next year. This is indeed a good and positive sign for Guyana’s economy which all Guyanese welcome.

Most Guyanese are appreciative of the fact that with the opening up of businesses, entrepreneurs are showing confidence in the government and the economy.

They must be congratulated for taking such bold steps at a time when certain people are hell bent on carrying out disruptive activities to create confusion and terror in mainstream society.

In any country, moreso developing countries like Guyana, the business sector plays a very important role in economic development.

This is recognised by many governments which ensure that mechanisms are put in place to encourage growth in the business sector. Some countries even grant tax holiday to foreign investors in an effort to encourage investment.

Many people believe that the Government of Guyana could perhaps look into the possibilities of granting this concession to some investors who may express their willingness to invest in Guyana. This will certainly serve as an incentive to would-be investors.

The business sector in Guyana is leading the way in establishing new, and in some cases expanding businesses. Recently many big businesses have opened their doors to the public.

Guyanese believe that with the police doing a good job in trying to arrest the crime wave which has been gripping the country, several other businessmen and women, both locally, regionally and internationally will come on board and expand the business sector.

Local businessmen and women have come on stream recently and quite a few businesses were opened, the most recent ones being the $65 million spanking new Supermarket owned by local businessman, Mr. Roy Kirton, known as ‘Bonny’.

Noteworthy are the words of Bonny’s wife, Mrs. Joan Kirton, who manages the business on a day-to-day basis. She said inter alia…”I definitely have faith in the economy, and despite all the negative things, I decided to go ahead and take the ‘bull by the horn’ and invest…”

Guyanese note with appreciation the opening of a branch store of Anand’s Variety Fashions on Regent Street last Saturday, while the massive Muneshwar complex on Water Street (at the former Bettencourt’s site) is nearing completion.

This business entity is expected to open its doors early in the New Year.

Most people are of the view that once proper mechanisms are put in place, businessmen and women would continue to invest in the country.

When this happens, more people will find employment.

People want to contribute to the building process of their country, and want to be given a chance to identify themselves in it. However many business people feel that measures must be put in place to protect their businesses and investment.

The signals have already been given, and those business places which will not come on stream this year, will certainly do so early next year, come what may.

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