With CDC help…
Mayor Green promises relief from landfill site smoke

Guyana Chronicle
December 3, 2002

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RESIDENTS who are being affected by smoke from the landfill site on Mandela Avenue were yesterday promised relief by Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green.

Speaking at a City Hall press conference, he acknowledged that, whatever the reason, the inhalation of smoke is very dangerous and can have serious repercussions.

Mr. Green offered a public apology for the inconvenience and gave the assurance that every possible measure is being taken to resolve the situation.

He was reacting to complaints about a fire, which started west of the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue and spreading.

Green disclosed that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has donated three four-inch pumps for which the Council is most grateful and they were to be installed yesterday afternoon in the canal west of the recreational facility.

He said the landfill is now some 20 feet high and definitely needs to be closed.

When a new location is ready, measures, such as fencing, would be put in place to make it safer, the Mayor assured.

Green said the reason for the heavy garbage buildup on Mandela Avenue is because people from out of the city usually dump their refuse there, as well.

He said that couldn’t be avoided now as those other communities have no proper disposal sites but the health matter is one, which requires immediate attention.

Green, who spoke after another visit to Mandela Avenue yesterday morning, reported that one citizen, quite affected by the smoke, has a four-year-old child suffering from asthma.

Jewel Bailey, who lives in the vicinity, told reporters, after the press conference, that the latest blaze flared up last Saturday has upset her and others residing as far away as East Ruimveldt, depending on the direction of the wind.

She maintained that they all have a right to fresh air, like every other citizen in the capital but are subjected to all kinds of toxic wastes.

The woman said, as conditions worsened, her family spent the entire Saturday in the National Park to escape the fumes.

The origin of the flames is yet to be determined and there are conflicting reports about the source.

Some said it was the result of a man trying to rid his property of a nest of wasps while others claimed another person was welding in the area.

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