Women lawyers pledge solidarity with victims of violence

Guyana Chronicle
November 25, 2002

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GUYANA Women Lawyers Association (GWLA) has expressed solidarity with all other women, throughout the Caribbean as well, on the occasion of International Day Against Violence Against Women, which is being observed today.

A GWLA release said the organisation is deeply concerned about the increasing levels of violence in all forms against women and girls.

"It should be noted that violence ranges from physical and
psychological abuse in the home (domestic violence), to violence in the public sphere, whether through assaults by bandits or rape, the statement said.

It said GWLA would like to highlight the issues of marital rape, incest and sexual harassment of women in the workplace, all of which have serious social, economic and psychological consequences for women and girls.

GWLA urged women and girls to utilise the sources of assistance available to them, such as the Probation Service, officers of which are now authorised to initiate domestic violence actions on behalf of victims under the Domestic Violence Act, 1996.

The statement said victims should seek help and have the courage to take their matters to Court, where GWLA will continue to support them in their quest for justice.

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