A giant step in health care delivery

Guyana Chronicle
November 13, 2002

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THE Guyana Government, with the recent establishment of the Burns Care Unit at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), has taken another significant step in its continuing strive to provide excellent health care to the people of this country.

It is worthwhile noting that funding for the G$5M and Cdn $40,000 complex was realised through the initiative and humanitarian support of Plasticos Charities Foundation of Toronto, Canada and other overseas and local donors.

Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, quite rightly, commended past Guyana Consuls General in Toronto, Mr Danny Doobay and Mr Geoffrey Da Silva, as well as Mr Desmond and Mrs Joan De Barros, Ms Judy Nighton, Nurse Gita Singh and Canada-based Dominican, Mr Sherman Delsol, who has been soliciting funds abroad, Ms Thelma Tappin of Guyana Pioneer Fund-Raising Group and more than 2,000 more Guyanese living in Canada, all for their contributions.

Their collaboration, in our view, is a classic example and a clear case of genuine cooperation at the highest level, from which we feel others can take a cue for the benefit of the nation building process and the general uplift of Guyanese people.

All Guyanese welcome the establishment of the new hospital ward, the latest in a series of improved facilities at the institution.

Most people believe that the lack of proper and adequate health care in any society can lead to reduced production levels, a phenomenon neither the Government of Guyana nor any other should entertain.

Many also recognise that the health of the nation is very important and the Burns Unit will be of tremendous help to the Government in its quest to achieve maximum health care for all.

Guyanese from all quarters would welcome the spanking new six-bed multi-million dollar facility which, as Dr Ramsammy said in his feature address, is a “labour of love” resulting from collective, dedicated efforts of Government, private Sector, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals.

We are certain that most people share his sentiments.

Noteworthy, too, are the words of GPHC Director of Medical Services, Dr Madan Rambarran, who said the unit will offer specialised care from the acute stage to full rehabilitation of patients.

This is, indeed, commendable and all Guyanese must be happy over this development and ought to feel it is not empty talk, as the mechanism for training the relevant personnel has been put in place and several nurses who will be involved in the delivery have been coursed locally and at Sunny Brooke Burns Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Our belief is that, with the acquisition of all the equipment and other amenities, and trained medical personnel to man the operations, Guyana is set to provide its burnt patients with unprecedented service.

We join, with pride, in recognising this ‘labour of love’ attainment which represents a giant step in the development and deliverance of health care to Guyanese.

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