Police probe Monday night killings
-- relatives say boutique owner left home in response to phone call
Guyana Chronicle
November 6, 2002

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POLICE were yesterday continuing investigations into the Monday night killings of five men on a Georgetown street.

The five were killed execution style by gunmen who fired on them from a car.

Police said the attack took place at about 21:40 hrs at the junction of Light and Robb Streets.

Dead are Othneil Embrack, 39, also called `Agouti', Managing Director of Central Point (CP) Taxi Service, Lot 215 David and Lamaha Streets, Kitty; Dereck Torrington, 32, also called `Jack About', of Charlotte Street and 173 Middle Road, La Penitence; Andrew McPherson of Toucan Drive, South Ruimveldt and another man known as `Buckman'. The fifth was not identified up to late yesterday.

According to a Police release, the five were in two motor cars, HB 174 and PHH 1485, which had stopped at Light and Robb Streets, when the gunmen who were in another car which was proceeding east opened fire on them and drove away.

Police said four died at the scene of the shooting, while McPherson died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Distraught relatives of Embrack, who also owned a boutique - Cancer and Leo Fashions on Orange Walk, Georgetown - yesterday recalled that earlier Monday the boutique had been broken into.

They said Embrack left home Monday night in response to a phone call informing him that the burglar had been caught and he should "come right away".

It was while he was on his way to the boutique that Embrack and the others travelling with him were killed, they said.

According to Embrack's daughter and a sister-in-law, he received a telephone call around 05:00 hrs Monday informing him that the boutique had been broken into.

He left home and went to the business place where he discovered that a quantity of designer clothing and brand name footwear had been stolen, they said.

After spending several hours out trying to determine what items were missing, and making enquiries, Embrack returned home to get some rest, they said.

However, later in the evening, he received another telephone call, this time informing him that the person who had broken into his boutique had been caught, the relatives related.

It was not clear who the phone call was from, but according to the relatives, he left home in the company of two others and headed downtown.

Shortly after, they received the news of his death.

At the Lyken Funeral Parlour yesterday morning, an elder sister of Torrington said that earlier in the evening he was at their home in Middle Road.

She said he told her he was going out and would be back.

But since she had not finished cooking, she said she urged him to wait a while for her to finish cooking and have something to eat.

But he replied, "No man, is alright. I gun come back", she recalled.

In order to satisfy her, she said he took a piece of hot meat from the pot and went away eating it.

She later finished cooking and waited for him but they later heard that he had been shot dead, the sister said.

Police hunt 12
THE Police yesterday again appealed for help from the public in capturing 12 men wanted for murders and robbery under arms.

Those wanted are:

** Shawn Brown

** Troy Dick

** Romel Reman

** Shawn Gittens

** Paul Pendleton

** 'Big Batty' Mark

** Adrian Green

** Premkumar Sookraj, alias Amar Gobin, also called

`Inspector Gadget'

** Charles Grant called 'Piggy Mouth'

** 'Shoulders' of Agricola

** 'Banga' of Agricola

** 'Old Boy' of Agricola

Brown and Dick are two of the five February 23 escapees from the
Georgetown Prison still at large.

The others, Andrew Douglas, Dale Moore and Mark Fraser, have been shot dead in separate incidents.

Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of the 12 men is kindly asked to get in touch with the nearest Police Station or call telephone numbers: 225-2227; 226-6978; 225-8196; 225-3650; 225-3061; 226-1326; 223-8940.