Two shot dead in Police operation
--Father of five believed killed in mistake for ‘Inspector Gadget’
Guyana Chronicle
October 30, 2002

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TWO men were yesterday shot dead at a cycle repair shop as a Police patrol carried out a routine operation on the Railway Embankment road at Bachelor's Adventure. And later, seven Policemen were injured when their vehicle crashed at Happy Acres, East Coast Demerara while the cops were returning to Georgetown.

HOME Affairs Minister Mr. Ronald Gajraj yesterday gave the assurance that the Guyana Police Force is working day and night to bring this country to an acceptable level of security, safety and well being.

Dead are Melroy Goodman, 26, also called ‘Pukin’ or ‘Budhai’ of Bachelor's Adventure, and Ramdial Dasai Persaud, 49, also called "Ramo", of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara.

Persaud was reportedly mistaken for "Inspector Gadget".

Both men were allegedly shot by the Police.

Reports say that the men had taken their cycles to have them repaired at the shop, when a Police patrol vehicle appeared on the scene. Ranks disembarked and advanced towards Goodman. The man reportedly raised his hands up in the air in surrender, but the Police allegedly opened fire on him. Goodman slumped to the ground, mortally wounded.

Witnesses said that as the shooting began, the terrified Persaud sought cover behind the cycle shop. He was crouched in a corner when gunfire was opened on him. He reportedly ran towards a urinal in a nearby shop yard, but was pursued and repeatedly shot at.

When the shooting was over, a passerby reportedly took Persaud to the Georgetown Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

There was deep anguish in Persaud's home when his family received the news of his death. Relatives said the father of five, had just minutes before attended to his sick wife and left home, promising her he'd be back shortly.

Persaud's wife Sookmattie is ailing and due to undergo surgery tomorrow. Relatives said Persaud got up early yesterday morning, bathed his wife, gave her breakfast and her medication and then left to go to Enmore, where they are building their home. He had indicated that he would stop at the cycle shop to repair his cycle wheel, which was slightly bent.

A sobbing Sookmattie said that shortly after her husband left she heard the gunshots and became scared, knowing her husband had gone out there. Then came the bad news.

Meanwhile, witnesses said that Goodman was a self-employed mason and a former soldier. He reportedly had an old feud with a Policeman over a woman.

On April 12 last, Goodman was shot under mysterious circumstances. A channa (chickpea) bomb was also reportedly hurled into his house.

And at the Goodman's home, yesterday, his 71-year old grandmother, Genevieve Clarke, tried desperately to keep her composure. She said that Goodman had grown up with her. Yesterday, shortly after he had passed by her house on his way to the repair shop on the Embankment road, she heard gunshots. Then she saw villagers running towards the road.

The woman said she became fearful since she knew that "they" were after her grandson. Moments later, she received the horrifying news that Goodman had been shot dead.

Goodman is survived by his parents, Aubrey Goodman and Evadne Clarke, his daughter Angelica, five, and other relatives.