International help to detect source(s) of `electronic terrorism'
Guyana Chronicle
October 26, 2002

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MR. ROBERT Persaud, Information Liaison to the President, has described as "electronic terrorism" inflammatory material being circulated on the Internet and aimed at causing "unease" and "generating confusion" in the country.

The Guyana Government has solicited international assistance to track down the source of the e-mails.

In a statement today, Persaud said:

"The Government of Guyana condemns those individuals and/or forces maliciously spreading panic and falsehood on the Internet.

"A number of persons, both local and overseas, have called, referring to a document interpolated on a Stabroek News web logo, reporting that President Bharrat Jagdeo was kidnapped on Thursday's evening outside the Office of the President.

"I am convinced that the Stabroek News had nothing to do with this unsavoury publication. Both the Publisher and the Editor of the Stabroek News have taken steps to further reassure readers that the material being circulated is false, has no factual basis and is not connected to the newspaper.

"No doubt this is the work of pranksters bent on spreading further fear and panic.

"Also, e-mails, by faceless individuals and/or groups, are being circulated and contain threats against certain officials as well as general disorder in the society.

"I wish to publicly thank all those persons who called to express concerns about the President. These sinister plots to create panic both locally and internationally, will not deter the Administration.

"Like rumours, the inflammatory material being circulated on the Internet can only cause unease and generate confusion. Everyone should denounce these pieces of electronic terrorism.

"Already, the Government has solicited international assistance to track down the source(s) of these offending e-mails in order that the guilty party/parties be brought to justice." (GOVERNMENT INFORMATION AGENCY - GINA)