Rural Women’s Network
--a body for empowering women
Guyana Chronicle
October 18, 2002

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Rural Women's Network (RWN) in Guyana, commonly referred to by its acronym, RWN, in the local community, was launched in November 1998, to reduce poverty by encouraging women to establish economic enterprises.

RWN, which is under the umbrella of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) represents already established rural women's groups.

Ms. Hyacinth Stuart, Region Six Coordinator for RWN, said that several groups, particularly those on the Corentyne Coast are linked to RWN, which has received funding from CIDA under the Canada-Caribbean Gender Equality Programme and the OAS under the Inter-American Commission on women to conduct training workshops on small business management.

Said to empower rural women in Guyana to improve their standards of living through training, cultural exchange, access to credit and networking, RWN in Region Six, has so far trained women in sewing and, handicraft, the highlight of which is the toilet roll bag beautifully designed from cardboard previously discarded, in addition to ornaments made from used half litre bottles, shell designed cushions made from satin, press on appliques for 'T' shirts, pillowcases, etc, and countless others designed by hand.

Apart from an expected link with similar groups in Trinidad and Tobago, the group wished to enlighten the public about their capabilities and together with other rural women's groups which have been established and active for a period of one year, will seek to be involved in productive projects that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. (Jeune Bailey Van-Keric)