Chief Justice wants end to traffic noise
Guyana Chronicle
October 17, 2002

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CHIEF Justice Carl Singh yesterday intimated that judges might be forced to take protest action if nothing is done to abate excessive noise in the precincts of the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice drew this to the attention of Attorney General Mr. Doodnauth Singh, who was appearing for the State in a matter before him, to the cacophony of noise from horns, sirens, car alarms and defective exhausts coming from the direction of the Avenue of the Republic.

He said that it has become almost impossible for judges to hear their own voices at times, and for them to function properly as a result of the nuisance.

The Chief Justice disclosed that he has dispatched letters to the Mayor of Georgetown and the Commissioner of Police, with a copy to the President, asking that the High Court area to be kept as a Silent Zone.

If this does not happen within a reasonable time, he said, measures would be instituted for the relocation of the Bus Park outside the High Court.

Last week the Chief Justice called for the reconstitution of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) whose life has come to an end. Reconstitution of this constitutional body requires agreement between Government and Opposition.

The Chief Justice at that time took advantage of the presence in court, during a ceremonial sitting, of senior representatives of the Government and the Parliamentary Opposition.

He urged them to establish the new Commission in the interest of ensuring that the judiciary has a full complement of judges.