DPP recalls deadly attack on bar
Guyana Chronicle
September 27, 2002

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DIRECTOR of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mr. Denis Hanomansngh was yesterday still trying to come to grips with the "scare of his life" on Wednesday night.

Hanomansingh was among several persons wounded when gunmen opened fire on patrons at the `Nathoo' bar, Lamaha and Pike Streets, Kitty, Georgetown, around 18:45 hrs.

The DPP who was wounded in the shoulder, but has not been hospitalised, told the Chronicle that he lived through scary times in Northern Ireland as a student "but nothing has scared me more than last night (Wednesday night)."

He said he had gone home during the afternoon with the intention of exercising on his treadmill, but found there was an electricity blackout.

He said he subsequently left home about 17:00 hrs for the bar to "pass the time away gaffing, until I suspect the electricity had returned."

He remembered standing behind the counter, facing the roadway and chatting with deceased Gavin Narine when he observed a man walk into the bar and immediately open fire.

Hanomansingh said his immediate reaction on hearing the first volley was to hit the ground where he remained until the shooting subsided.

He said he then overheard Policeman Corporal Balram asking "Barran, yuh alright?" and it was only then that he got up.

The DPP said that as he came out of the bar and around to the customer area, "all I saw were bodies and blood everywhere."

He remembered that in addition Narine, another of the dead men Lloyd Singh, and Beharry Dookie, also called ` Nathoo', the proprietor, were with others in the customer area.

The DPP said he and Nathoo were transported by friends to St Joseph's Mercy Hospital where he received medical attention and was sent away.

Hanomansingh said that about four weeks ago, he was advised by a lawyer to be "careful" as he had received information from a client that the DPP was reportedly on the "hit list".

The DPP said he had requested a Tactical Services Unit (TSC) guard but was told none was available.

He reiterated that as a result of Wednesday night's narrow escape, he feels his life is even more threatened adding, the "fear is still there".

Asked if he would accept security if his request is reviewed, the DPP said, "if they offer, I will accept."

On whether he had recruited Trinidad Senior Counsel, Rangee Dolsingh to function as Lead Prosecutor in the ongoing Mark Benschop/Phillip Bynoe treason case being heard before Magistrate Chandra Sohan, the DPP said after the charge was instituted he "has not intervened, nor hired any prosecutor...none was hired by the DPP."

According to him, a formal request was made to the DPP's office regarding having people to prosecute and the request was granted.

Hanomansingh pointed out that such a request is a norm as no expense is incurred to the DPP's office.