First phase of UDP nearing completion
Guyana Chronicle
September 24, 2002

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THE first phase of the Urban Development Programme (UDP), under which rehabilitation projects are being funded in the six municipalities, is progressing smoothly and nearing completion, Senior Project Engineer Fredericks Flatts told the Government Information Agency (GINA).

He said several of the schemes have been satisfactorily completed, even though there were some setbacks.

According to Mr. Flatts, the UDP, funding for which is being provided by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has made a significant impact in Georgetown, New Amsterdam, Corriverton, Rose Hall, Anna Regina and Linden.

GINA gave a report on stages of the various undertakings aimed at improving infrastructure and basic services for the urban population of Guyana.

It said:
* In Georgetown, work on Stabroek Market will be completed shortly but the contractor is carrying out repairs to minor leaks. For the contract, valued more than $150M, rehabilitation of two streets - Robb and Norton - was completed last February. The period for defects liability on Robb Street has come to an end and the contractor, along with UDP officials, visited the site last Friday morning and the inspected work was found to be satisfactory.

Dipcon Engineering Services Limited worked on a distance of 6,282 feet, from Robbstown wharf through Oronoque Street, Bourda, at a cost of approximately $92M.

Due to savings on the contract, the contractor was able to carry out the work up to Oronoque Street by Bourda Cricket Ground, although, initially, it catered for only up to Orange Walk.

Some amount of landscaping was done to beautify the environment and the Mayor and City Council was asked to take care of the surroundings.

Norton Street, from Mandela Avenue through George Street, Werk-en-Rust, was rehabilitated with $141M. The work, on 3,3471 feet, was carried out by Seereeram Brothers Limited.

There were also savings from that project and the whole street was done, from Mandela Avenue to Louisa Row, including building culverts and drains.

* In Linden, the construction of two roadways was undertaken, on Mora Street, Mackenzie and One Mile, Canvas City, Wismar. They are 99 and 98 per cent finished, respectively.

Due to savings on them, an additional 1,500 feet of road will be built by Seereeram Brothers, all for approximately $147M, with consultancy by VIKAB Guyana Limited.

The contract covers approximately 5,600 feet at Canvas City and 1,560 feet on Mora Street. Construction on both started in November 2001 and they will have asphalt concrete surfaces and laterite bases.

Mora Street was a track that previously did not accommodate vehicular traffic but is now being upgraded.

Wismar Market was rehabilitated, as well, costing $100M. It was handed over to the Town Council and will be occupied later this year.

The stalls are currently being wired for electricity supply.

* At Anna Regina, a contract was awarded for the rehabilitation of three thoroughfares but, due to some controversy over the allocation, the work, on Market, White Carib and Mandir roads, which was stimated to cost $67M, has been halted.

Another $54M contract was given to R. Bassoo and Sons for the reconstruction of the Town Hall and that was commissioned by President Bharrat Jagdeo earlier this year.

* In Corriverton, R. Bassoo and Sons Construction Services has finished the $89M market and the two separate buildings were handed over to the Town Council but an electrical transformer has to be installed.

Cemetery Road and Main Street in Rampoor were also rehabilitated and savings from them are being used on Company Road which is 75 per cent complete.

* New Amsterdam Market is 98 per cent finished and the contractor is currently building a concrete pavement around it. That contract is worth some $109M.

* Rehabilitation of the Town Hall and Market at Rose Hall is 45 per cent complete but work on Market Road and West Side Line Road is done.

That $54.7M award in March last year went to B.K. International Inc while the consultant is SRK Engineering and Associates and completion is slated for December.

That job entails dismantling of the roofs of the Town Hall and support structures for the fish, meat, grocery and vegetable sections; making a new ceiling on the first floor and repainting the Town Hall.

The drains in the market and the ground and first floors of the Town Hall, as well as the general lighting will get attention while the sanitary block, too, will be extended and redesigned.

The work is being effected in phases to allow vendors and customers continuous use of the market.