Volleyball set to make rapid strides in Guyana - GVA
Guyana Chronicle
September 13, 2002

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ASTUTE and creative leadership, supported by hardworking and dedicated executives, has put volleyball in a position to make rapid strides in Guyana, a release from the Guyana Volleyball Association (GVA) has stated.

With a goal of making volleyball the number three sport by the end of 2003, the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) has put a number of systems in place.

Associations have been set up in Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo and regional coordinators will be in position in the 10 administrative regions, in keeping with its mission statement "To provide the opportunity for people of all social, cultural and ethnic background throughout Guyana to play volleyball at the highest level and to promote peace, unity and the holistic development of our people through our sport - volleyball".

According to an official of the GVF, an outreach survey has shown that volleyball, based on its low cost and its adaptability to surroundings, is high on the list of preferred sporting disciplines. The high standard of play in the rural areas, especially the Amerindian districts, indicates that the game can truly be a national sport.

The creation of several variations of the game, locally and internationally, has provided opportunities for all to play volleyball.

Locally there has been the introduction of Fun Volleyball, designed to break down social and ethnic barriers, and All Fours - set up to promote the opportunity for players from all parts of the country to be seen at affordable costs while testing their skills and endurance.

Soon to be added is a ‘Super League’ tournament that will provide the public with top quality volleyball, as four teams, comprising the best players in the country, will be competing for cash prizes.

Internationally, the new Challenge Volleyball, which has a height restriction of 185 centimetres (6 feet) for men and 175 (5 feet 8 inches) for women, will provide hope for smaller players to compete effectively at the world level.

Added to this is the Bloc Development Plan, initiated by GVF president Lenny Shuffler, which will see increased activity among neighbouring countries Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, French Guiana, Suriname, Brazil's Boa Vista and Guyana all working together for the uplift of the game.

This increased activity will certainly assist in raising the standard of play, administration, refereeing, coaching and game awareness.

The women's game is also set to have its own organising committee with special attention to the Linden and Kwakwani areas that have the better players.

In the meantime school volleyball, corporate volleyball and beach volleyball are all to be considered in order to rapidly spread the game.