Building on the positives Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
September 10, 2002

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IT IS a natural tendency for the positives to go unnoticed when society is under pressure due to extremely serious difficulties people are experiencing.

However, for continued progress, prosperity and preservation of humanity so that the future generations can inherit a better world, it is essential that the small rays of light be noticed and used to continue building positives.

Recently, in the field of sports, specifically in football, Guyana made history, when for the first time a female football referee from the English-speaking Caribbean officiated the final of an international football competition.

Mrs. Dianne Ferreira-James was that referee, when she officiated in the final pf the World Under 19-female tournament between the U.S. and Canada.

And because of high quality performance she has already received an appointment to officiate in the CONCACAF 2003 Female Gold Cup to be held in Los Angeles, U.S. in October this year.

All Guyanese, and in fact the entire Caribbean should be proud to have a Mrs. Dianne Ferreira-James among us.

Recently, Guyana also earned its first ever Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games, through the excellent performance of another female athlete, Aliann Pompey.

These outstanding achievements should be an inspiration to our females, and all Guyanese in their quest for the achievement of excellence at the highest levels of international competition.

An important point to note is that these outstanding achievements prove that there is an abundance of talent among Guyanese youths and that with the right nurturing, appropriate exposure and relevant facilities, they will excel at the highest levels.

It is not that these achievements by themselves will dramatically turn around the negatives that are present in Guyana.

But at least they demonstrate that it is quite possible to make impressive achievements, despite the odds - thus giving a ray of hope that all is not lost, as some pessimists seem to be advocating.

Outstanding achievements in sports have always had a positive effect on national unity and a sense of patriotism.

Guyanese from all walks of life should therefore take some time off from the ominous difficulties facing the nation and applaud the excellent performances of these two Guyanese women, who may be wondering if the Guyanese public has really noticed what they have done for the glory and acclaim for this beautiful land of ours.