More attacks reported during Douglas funeral procession
Guyana Chronicle
September 1, 2002

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THE Police yesterday reported further details of violent incidents at Buxton, East Coast Demerara, during Friday's funeral procession of February 23rd prison escapee Andrew Douglas who was Monday found dead in a car at Farm, East Bank Demerara.

Police said that at 15:40 hrs, a driver of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, was attacked by a group of persons while driving motor Canter GDD 5508 on the Buxton public road. The vehicle was pelted with missiles, resulting in damage to the front windshield, while the driver received injuries to his left hand.

At 17:45 hrs, a resident of Coldingen and a passenger of mini-bus PDD 7763 was robbed by a gang of men, armed with guns and knives.

The mini-bus was stopped by the bandits who stole the victim's bag which contained $20,000, two gold rings valued $8,000, one gold chain valued $8,000 and a wristwatch valued $3,500.

At 18:00 hrs, a salesman of International Pharmaceutical Agency and his porter were attacked and their vehicle stoned, resulting in damage to the front and rear windshield, left and right side window glass and the front and rear lights.

They were also robbed of $30,000 from sales and $3,500 cash each.

About the same time, 10 armed men attacked and a robbed a taxi driver of Good Hope while in motor car PCC 7346 on Church of God road. They stole a cell phone, $5,000 cash and a wristwatch valued at $5,000.

The motorcar was taken and driven away after the driver abandoned it in fear. The car, extensively damaged, was later recovered from a trench near the Railway Embankment road.

At 18:30 hrs, a couple of Triumph village were attacked and robbed while in a truck, GEE 3247. The gang, while assaulting the couple, robbed them of $84,000 in cash, and one gold ring valued $14,000. The husband received injuries to his left eye, while his wife received injuries to her face.

At 18:40 hrs, a gang of men attacked a 53-year-old truck driver of Lodge, Georgetown. Shots were fired at the vehicle, one of which damaged the front windshield, valued at $90,000.

At 19:00 hrs, a driver of Vigilance South was attacked by a gang of youths while driving minibus BEE 6090. He was beaten about the body, while the front windshield of the vehicle, valued at $45,000, was damaged.

At 19:40 hrs, a resident of Manchester, Corentyne, Berbice and other passengers were attacked and robbed of cash and jewellery while in mini-bus BGG 7205. The front and rear windshields of the vehicle were damaged and the rear view mirrors ripped off.

The Police reported Friday that one of their vehicles was pelted, causing damage to the windscreen.

Police said they were forced to use teargas, and to fire pellets at separate crowds, in order to stop them from pelting at passing vehicles.

Douglas was one of five notorious criminals who escaped the Camp Street jail on February 23rd.

The five have been linked to the upsurge in crime over the past six months in which several persons have been killed and wounded during robberies, kidnappings, car hijackings and internal terrorism.