Taxi driver chopped to death
Guyana Chronicle
September 1, 2002

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A GEORGETOWN taxi driver was chopped to death late Friday evening in what seemed like a murder attack as his assailants left behind thousands of dollars and jewellery.

Dead is Mohanlall Lall, 45, of Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.

Police recovered his body, with a slit on the throat and disfigured face, at Studley Pak, Canal No.1 Polder, West Bank Demerara.

Lall was a driver with the `Luxury Cabs' taxi service, which operates out of the same building in which Lall and his wife Susie, operated a food shop and bar.

According to the taxi service, the last contact they had with Lall was at 21:20 hrs, when he said he was picking up two East Indian men from Garnett Street, Kitty, to drop off at Independence Street, La Grange.

Susie, married to Lall for the past five years, said she last saw her husband after 21:00 hrs.

She said she knew that he was going to La Grange, but did not find out exactly where.

It was unclear whether the two men were dropped off.

Lall was chopped to death at around midnight, reports said.

Reports are that when the car pulled up at Studley Park, Lall was engaged in a fight with his attackers and he jumped out of the car.

He was caught and then dumped into a trench, but he got out, scaled a villager's fence and ran up their stairs, pleading for help, reports said.

However, the men reportedly followed Lall and warned the occupants of the house not to come out and they obeyed.

They then continued attacking Lall, chopping him to death.

Relatives said the only thing missing was Lall's firearm.

Reports are that his cellular phone was broken to bits and most of the money he had on him, amounting to thousands of dollars, plus his jewellery, was intact.

The white AE100 Corolla car, PHH 3468, which Lall was driving, was found at the mostly unused Harmony Dam, which runs through La Grange to Canal #1 Polder.

Lall's wife said she did not sleep during the night, as she feared the worse when she was not getting through to her husband's cellular phone.

After he did not return home Friday night, relatives and friends began searching for Lall yesterday morning.

They searched for his car in the city and then went to La Grange where they contacted the La Grange Police, who directed to them to identify Lall's body at the West Demerara Hospital.