Traffic lights blues Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
August 30, 2002

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WITH the burgeoning number of vehicles and thus increasingly congested city streets, the efficient and reliable functioning of traffic lights is a necessity and not an option any more.

However, for some mysterious reason the proper functioning of traffic lights seems not to be a priority in Georgetown, because at no time can anyone assuredly say all the lights are working properly.

It is the norm these days to have the lights working at a particular junction one day, but then not working the next.

It is a miracle that there are relatively few accidents under the circumstances.

Apart from the immediate hazards caused by the non-functioning of these lights, there is a constant build-up of traffic at peak hours.

This in turn causes tremendous frustration among motorists and to a lesser extent other road users.

This frustration eventually results in greater stress levels, and the negative impact of stress on the performance of students and workers and the general emotional stability of people is well known.

The agency that is responsible for the maintenance and functioning of traffic lights in Georgetown should move with some alacrity to address the problems.

The traffic lights installed in Georgetown have remained basically the same for years.

But there has been a dramatic increase in traffic, especially at peak hours, and there are not enough traffic lights to meet the challenges of the current situation.

The lights would have been adequate when these were first installed but they certainly are not now.

And to make matters worse many are not functioning.

With the reopening of schools just a few days away, one wonders what the situation will be like on the streets with the increased traffic that will result from children turning out to school.

A comprehensive approach to rectify the issue of traffic lights should be adopted - not only must the existing lights function reliably and efficiently, but there is urgent need for the installation of more lights.

When traffic lights are out of order, signs should be put up to alert drivers and traffic cops deployed to the affected areas to direct traffic, especially at peak hours.

If it is not, the installation and functioning of traffic lights should be part of the Urban Development Programme.

The traffic lights in Georgetown need to be permanently, properly and expeditiously fixed.