Baring, daring and dishes by Neil Marks
Guyana Chronicle
August 18, 2002

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THE bachelors were required to do almost the job of a male stripper; the bachelorettes simply had to present an appealing dish on a platter!

The guys did not mind at all, but they threw out the, "no pay, no play" catch line to the ladies who demanded that they "take it off!"

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) last Thursday evening hosted its annual Bachelors Auction in the Rupununi Room of the Tower Hotel, Georgetown.
For the first time, bachelorettes were included.
But the men were not allowed to bid on the women - only on a prepared dish that was displayed.

The room was hot and the music was spicy - the somewhat perfect atmosphere for dozens of young and middle-aged women screaming their throats off when the bachelors came on stage.

Surendradat Ramsagar as he tried to impress the ladies.
However, while it seemed that the ladies were interested in seeing chests and abs, Le Meridien Pegasus Executive Assistant Manager, Guillaume Warnery proved that there is more to a guy that just that!

All Guillaume, 35, had to do was dance to the racy beats, take off the shirt, leave on the inside t-shirt, loose the belt, and he bagged the single highest amount of money - $40,520.

Unfortunately for the bachelorettes, the room was not packed with as many guys as girls, and perhaps the guys who came had their girlfriends alongside, or they just did not have the money.

According to THAG's final figures, Lydia Fraser, 21, an HIV/AIDS peer educator, bagged the most amount for money - $14,000 plus US$50. She prepared some cookies.

Miss Guyana World Olive Gopaul, with her exotic chicken stuffed tomato, came in second with $16,400.

Bachelorettes row: From left Nadia Spence, Cheryl Morgan, Lydia Fraser and Miss Guyana World Olive Gopaul.
What seemed like a giant ice-cream cocktail belonging to Nadia Spence was bought for $7,600. Cheryl Morgan's pie was sold for $10,500.

The fun got going at around 20:45 hrs, with the delegates of this year's Miss Guyana World pageant strutting their stuff in Derek Moore designs.

However, through no fault of theirs, judging from the crowd reaction, it seemed as though they modelled unnoticed.

Those to be blamed for this were the MC's of the night, Phoolkumarie Coopsammy and Andrea McAdam. They should have waited until the crowd had settled down and then introduce the girls.

Next, there were shouts of "No! No!" when McAdam asked everyone to vacate their seats.

However, the protest was not prolonged, as the ladies stepped close to the stage.

"The" Bachelor: Guillaume Warnery
Another hiccup was that the sound system was awful, not allowing anyone to get details of the men who were being auctioned off.

That aside, the evening was certainly a hit.

First up was Carlos Adams, 35, a businessman. He proved to be a great entertainer, but not worth the money! When the money was not coming up, McAdam asked for the bidding to start at $100. Carlos was needless to say ashamed, and he showed it. He took the stooping, weeping position next to a post when he was sold for a meagre $1,300.

Cara Hotels Operations Manager Gavin O'Brien worked hard to get the money coming, but he too failed miserably. He took off the tie, unbuttoned the shirt and shook his "booty" like the girls asked him to. However, all he raised for THAG was $2,500.

The ladies started screaming when Collin Mentis, 35, of Woodbine Hotel stepped on stage. He started off his tricks with a bend over to the ladies. Then he enticed a middle-aged oversized woman on to the stage and played with her provocatively. The ladies loved it.

When he loosened the tie, the screams became louder. However, he was not going to strip for nothing, but teased, "No pay, no play". Despite all that, he managed a paltry $3,400.

When Shad Fernandes walked up on stage, you could tell he was shy. He just stood there and smiled. But, it worked! The bids starting rolling in.

When he let go of the jacket, loosened the tie and unbuttoned the shirt, the money kept coming in. He managed to secure a comfortable $12,200.

James Churaman, 44, an engineer, also did not do much work. He simply went on stage and urged the ladies to bid on him. He was fast to explain though that, "the money is on me, it's for a good cause". He was sold for $15,500.

Surendradat Ramsagar, 23, a DDL sales representative went as far as to bare his upper body, but he secured only $4,600.

Dax Kissoon tried his hand at tantalising dancing and managed to get $11,700 from the ladies.

Sunesh Mickoo, a pharmacist, also struggled to bring in some money. He invited the girls to come up on stage with him, but they didn't. One girl was even allowed to peep inside his shirt, but all he managed to get was $3,200.

Shannon Murray, a student, proved to be the second best bachelor of the night. The ladies just loved the guy and he made them scream over him even more! After loosening the jacket and shirt, the bids rolled in fast.

When he turned to them and raised his t-shirt, the mostly young girls went crazy. They pulled out money to see more. One bold young lady walked up on stage and wanted her money to go towards loosening Shannon's belt. She came up a second time, and paid more to get a kiss of his abs! The other ladies enjoyed the moment thoroughly.

He then took off the t-shirt and the room exploded with screams! In the end, he bagged $21,320.

Kumar Chintaman, 22, a member of the Police Special Squad also failed to impress the girls, even with his 11 tattoos, gyrating dance moves and baring his upper body. All he managed was $2,400.

The final bachelor of the night was Craig Fortier, 21, a youth coordinator at the Guyana Red Cross Society. He called himself "Slim Shady" and carried the perky hairstyle, but he simply did not perform when Slim Shady's music came on.

Besides, by that time the ladies were all darting out of the room as it was half an hour to midnight. Fortier got $4,500.

All the money raised will go towards THAG.

The bachelors and bachelorettes are to dine with their highest bidders at selected Georgetown restaurants.