Gunmen attack another Police patrol
-- bullets hit houses at Eccles By Neil Marks
Guyana Chronicle
August 18, 2002

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WHEN it happened: the Lovells' clock stopped working when it was hit and fell off the wall.
A POLICE patrol in Caneview, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was caught unawares when a carload of men opened fire on them and then escaped on foot Friday night, Police said yesterday.

Later that night, bullets were fired into two houses at Old Road, Eccles, East Bank Demerara.

According to the Police, at around 19:40 hrs Friday, the Police patrol was in the Caneview area when gunmen opened fire on them from a white Toyota Sprinter with licence plate number PGG 1771.

The men ditched the car in the Sunflower Close area and escaped on foot, Police said.

Heavily armed gunmen also attacked a Police mobile patrol in the area early Friday morning.

A spokesman said that contrary to earlier reports, the gunmen did not enter a house in the area and hold a family hostage during the Friday night shootout.

Later that night, the driver of car HA 9963 parked his vehicle on Howes Street, Charlestown, waiting for a customer when heavily armed men in another car pulled up alongside him.

He was robbed of $63,000 cash.

The men ditched their car, HA 7662, and placed the taxi driver in the back seat of his car and moved off.

According to reports, when they were in the Agricola area on the East Bank, the men bound the taxi driver and placed him in the trunk of the car.

The men then left the car and the driver managed to free himself from the trunk. He found himself at the Esso gas station, opposite the Providence Police station, also on the East Bank.

At around 20:30 hrs, Eccles resident Waveney Lovell, 70, said she was relaxing on her platform when she noticed a car coming through her street, Old Road.

However, she thought it was a regular car and so did not bother about a thing.

Lovell, said she went to the washroom and emerged to the sound of smashing window panes.

It was hers, she soon realised, and urged her four grandchildren to lie on the floor.

Her husband, Felix, 72, was in bed.

When the Chronicle visited yesterday he brought out a clock to show the time of the incident, as a bullet seemed to have hit the clock and it stopped working.

The Lovells' 15-year-old granddaughter received a scrape from a broken louvre window pane that fell on her.

Lovell is glad that she decided to go inside when she did.

Next door, Yvonne Simpson had a similar story to tell.

She and her young son were having their last cup of tea on their platform, before retiring to bed.

She remembered that the lights were back on for just about 10 minutes when the unimaginable happened.

She said she had just gone to bed when she heard a banging sound, but didn't know what it was. She said she was about to get off the bed, when she realised that it was actually bullets penetrating the walls of her house.

Yvonne said she remained inside and when the gunfire eased up, she peeped outside and saw only Policemen.

Several of her household articles were damaged from the bullet/s that penetrated the walls of her home. Police recovered a single warhead.

According to reports, Police confronted men and a brief gunplay erupted before the men gave up their car and escaped in the dark of the night.