`Do not back down'
- deputy top cop advises new ranks
`...when you cringe, the unlawful smile' By Chamanlall Naipaul
Guyana Chronicle
August 18, 2002

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DEPUTY Police Commissioner, Mr. Henry Greene has exhorted newly graduating ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) not to be deterred by the current crime wave being experienced in Guyana.

"Stay on top of the situation. Do not back down - when you cringe, the unlawful smile. Be cautious, but not scared. Be careful, but not fearful.

"Do not be deterred by the present situation. Rather, let it make you stronger," he advised them on Friday.

Speaking at the graduation of 61of the latest GPF batch of recruits at the Felix Austin Police College, Eve Leary, Georgetown, Greene implored the ranks to put into practice the theory learnt during their training exercise.

He cautioned them that the Police world outside of the College will be a bit different, and as such, they must adapt themselves to the respective communities in which they function. He reminded them of their oath to discharge their duties without favour or affection.

Greene impressed upon the ranks to use the new found knowledge and ability developed during their training to successfully execute their duties and always to keep on reading and stay abreast with the laws of the country and current affairs by keeping in touch with the media, both electronic and print.

With hard work, determination and discipline, anyone can reach the highest echelons of the GPF, he encouraged the ranks, urging them to strive for greater heights.

Greene reminded them of the need to pay close attention to human rights issues, always giving due attention to the care and custody of prisoners, regardless of their social status.

BEST graduating rank of Course 249, Heyat Ally Chunia receives his trophy from Deputy Police Commissioner Henry Greene.
The Deputy Commissioner was very impressed with the quality of drill display which the new ranks efficiently and attractively demonstrated to the gathering witnessing the graduation.

He noted that it was a reflection of the quality of training they received and commended both the ranks and trainers for such high standards, which he said, are essential for the inculcation of discipline and proper attitude.

The ranks were trained in three batches - Courses 248, 249 and 250 - and during the eight-and-a-half month programme which began November last, recruits were exposed to a wide variety of subjects including the laws of Guyana, traffic regulations, basic policing, weapons training and domestic violence.

The best graduating ranks of the three batches were Constables Dexter Todd #19061, Heyat Ally Chunia #19109 and Sean Schwartz #19301, respectively

In addition, a batch of 19 senior police officers who completed a course in Human Rights received their certificates.

This course was conducted in collaboration with the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA).

Ms. Merle Mendonca of the GHRA said her organisation is very encouraged by the commitment of the GPF to exposing officers and ranks to the basics of human rights education, observing that the situation should not be allowed to continue in which they are encouraged to believe that human rights are weapons used against them, or an obstacle in the way of doing an efficient job.

"Rather, the position should become one in which the GPF, in the way it carries out its job, is encouraging ordinary citizens to look at the GPF as the first bastion in the defence and protection of (their) rights," she added.

Mendonca said the aims of the training programme included providing the Police with a fundamental understanding of human rights as an appropriate approach to policing, introducing them to international and national human rights principles applicable to policing and understanding the importance of rights duties, the responsibilities and the limitation of rights.

To date, more than 60 police officers have received training in collaboration with GHRA on human rights, she said.