Woman beaten by bandits
Guyana Chronicle
August 17, 2002

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MRS. Carole Braithwaite of 419 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was Thursday night assaulted by bandits because she did not have any money at home, she said yesterday.

She said she and her grandson were home alone while her husband, a cambio dealer, was out.

She said a dark green car, licence plate HA 9688, pulled up in front of the house, two men came out and jumped the fence into her front yard.
She related that she saw a man in her yard and thought that it was her husband, when the man pushed her half open door and entered the home demanding cash and jewellery.

The man who entered her home pulled her wedding and engagement rings off her finger, while a second man followed with a small handgun, she said.

One of the men then closed the front door and took her upstairs with her grandson to locate all the money and jewellery, she said.

Braithwaite said the two men searched and tumbled the two bedrooms upstairs searching for money, asking her "where is the f...... money?"

She recalled that the two men kept saying they know she had money because her husband is a small business cambio dealer on America Street, Georgetown.

When she said she had no money at home, the two bandits began to beat her, cuffing her in the mouth and stomach and pushing the gun down her mouth, Braithwaite said.

They also talked about killing her, she told the Chronicle.

Braithwaite recounted that about 10 minutes into the robbery, one of the men told the other to "hurry up, we have to go."

She said that all the bandits took were her rings, a cell phone and a pair of earrings.