St. Kitts and Nevis move up FIFA world rankings
Guyana Chronicle
August 15, 2002

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ZURICH, Switzerland, (CMC) - St Kitts and Nevis, on the back of their St Kitts Football festival triumph last month, have jumped nine places up FIFAís world rankings list.

In the August ratings released yesterday, St Kitts and Nevis occupied 125th spot, up from the 134th they held in July, and as one of the biggest movers on the world list, they are now sixth in the Caribbean rankings headed by Trinidad and Tobago.

St Kitts and Nevis, en route to becoming the first ever back-to-back winners of the St Kitts Festival, registered 3-0 winners over Barbados and Taiwan and beat Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 in the tournamentís decider.

Only New Zealand, Tahiti, and Vanuatu made bigger climbs on the world list than St Kitts and Nevis, who moved up from seventh on the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) list, to trail Trinidad and Tobago, 42nd in the world, Jamaica (57), Cuba (84), Haiti (86), and Barbados (110).

St Lucia and Grenada, with heavy defeats of British Virgin Islands (BVI) and St Martin respectively in Gold Cup qualifiers, have displaced St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in the regionís top-10.

St Lucia, up eight places on the world list to 127th, are now seventh, and Grenada eighth, up four places in the world to 134th.

SVG slip to ninth in the region, dropping from 131st to 136th in the world.

RANKING OF CFU TEAMS (World ranking in bracket)

1. Trinidad & Tobago (42nd)

2. Jamaica (57)

3. Cuba (84)

4. Haiti (86)

5. Barbados (110)

6. St Kitts & Nevis (125)

7. St Lucia (127)

8. Grenada (134)

9. St Vincent & the Grenadines (136)

10. Suriname (145)

11. Antigua & Barbuda (159)

12. British Virgin Islands (160)

13. Dominican Republic (164)

14. Dominica (166)

15. Bermuda (169)

16. Cayman Islands (170)

17. Guyana (176)

18. Bahamas (184)

19. Netherlands Antilles (185)

20. Aruba (186)

21. Anguilla (195)

22. Puerto Rico (197)

23. U.S. Virgin Islands (198)

24. Turks & Caicos Islands (202)

25. Montserrat (203)