H.C. Glover speaks glowingly of Guyana’s potential, future
‘We have enjoyed every minute of our time here’
Guyana Chronicle
August 15, 2002

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BRITISH High Commissioner Edward Glover, who has completed almost four years of diplomatic service here, has spoken glowingly about the potential and future of this country. He said that he and wife, Audrey, have met thousands of hospitable and kind people during their stay in Guyana.

Speaking at his farewell reception held at his residence last Tuesday, Mr. Glover declared: “We have enjoyed every minute of our time here, almost four years. We have travelled the length and breadth of this country and met thousands of people, who have been kind, hospitable and open about their hopes and fears. We have particularly enjoyed meeting so many young people, to whom I committed myself from the day I arrived. I am proud of the establishment of the Guyana Youth Business Trust."

The High Commissioner said he valued very much his discussions with President Bharrat Jagdeo and the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Desmond Hoyte.

"I wish to pay public tribute to President Jagdeo for his personal kindness and open door. I have valued our discussions in which he has always heard and acknowledged my point of view. I also wish to record my respect for the Leader of Opposition with whom I have spent many hours talking about issues of concern to Guyana. We always listened to each another. I would like to thank Ministers, officials, members of the Opposition, all parties, for giving me their opinions about the way forward. Lastly, I wish to thank the ordinary people of Guyana with whom I have spent many enjoyable hours, whether it be in Albouystown, Corriverton, Linden, Mabaruma and its organic cocoa farmers, Annai or Lethem, and all places in between. Poetry evenings and the Shakespeare Film Festival have brought me into touch with students and lovers of the arts."

He added: "The job of a High Commissioner is to analyse and report the many different views he hears. I have benefited greatly from a flood of personal contributions, all of which I have found immensely helpful and revealing. I have also valued the infinite variety of human nature that one finds in this country. That by itself has made my job the most fascinating I have ever had. Yes, there have been frustrating moments, but I have relished the intellectual stimulation of so many problems, which I have been asked to help solve."

Mrs. Patrica Gray (right) presents Mrs. Audrey Glover with a token of appreciation. (Corwin Williams photo)
Touching on the difficult period Guyana is going through, the High Commissioner expressed the hope that people would move away from the past and concentrate on building a future.

"I recognise -- and have said so recently in interviews -- that these are anxious times for Guyana. It is not for me to comment specifically on what could be the way forward. That is for others to do. But what I would say is that I hope that, before too long, the people of this country will turn away with determination from the echoes of the past and listen more intently to the sounds of the future. This country has priceless assets, its size, its resources, its cultural diversity and heritage and its remarkable people. The most important asset in any country is the people. I hope that the wish of all the people of Guyana for a material improvement in the quality of life will soon be achieved, because, as we could all agree, it is the people who really matter," Mr. Glover exhorted.

He remarked that while he and his wife will be spending more time with their family, they would continue to keep abreast with developments here.

“…we will continue to watch and pray for Guyana from our new perch in London. We will never forget the beauty of this country an in particular the mighty Essequibo which, has left such an indelible impression upon us. The slow, dark and sometimes turbulent current of that river matches the moods of Guyana. All is not what it seems. We wish you all the very best. We will not forget you, since you and Guyana have left a deep mark upon us.

The High Commissioner concluded with a quote from John Buchan, which he believed applies aptly to Guyana: "...a low green place, cradled deep in the sea, where one could live as in a ship with the sound of waves always in the ear".

“May the sound of the many waters in this land bring much hope and good fortune, washing away the tears of the past,” the High Commissioner said.