East Coast disturbances affect consumer prices
-- bureau reports
Guyana Chronicle
August 8, 2002

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THE Bureau of Statistics says the Georgetown Consumer Price Index (CPI) at the end of the first half of this year showed a 4.1% inflation rate.

In a release, it stated that the inflation rate resulted from an increase of the index value to 172.2 points for 2002 and as such the overall level of consumer prices for June rose by 0.9%.

Between June 2001-2002 a 6.1% increase in the CPI was observed, it reported.

The rise in prices for the month of June was primarily due to increases in food items, mainly vegetables and vegetable products and fruits and fruit products - the former showing a 18.6% and the latter 6.1%.

The increased prices of these items were due to the disturbances on the East Coast Demerara which created artificial shortages, seasonal patterns and wet weather conditions which also contributed to shortages on the market, the bureau explained.

Between December 1997and June 2002 the increase in the price index for the following items were: food - 142.9 to 170.6 points; housing 144.5 to 190.3 points; furniture - 119.8 to 128.4 points, transport and communication -130.4 to 215.4; medical and personal care - 129.9 to 191.3 points, education, recreation and cultural services -127.1 to 190.4 points, miscellaneous goods and services 125 to 154.7 points.

Clothing, footwear and repairs showed a decline for the same period - the former decreased from 81.9 to 73.3 points, while the latter moved from 76.1 to 62.4 points, the bureau reported.