Regional Welfare Officers to also evaluate anti-truancy campaign
Guyana Chronicle
August 1, 2002

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WELFARE Officers from the 10 regions will meet shortly to discuss progress made in their respective Administrative Regions of Guyana and suggestions for possible improvement.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) said it would be the second such meeting this year and is being convened to ensure that their duties are being executed in a timely and effective manner.

Coordinator of the Schools Welfare Division, Ms Yvonne Arthur said the upcoming gathering will be followed by another in December that would focus on a total evaluation of the anti-truancy campaign and other projects undertaken.

She also announced that a seminar for parents will be conducted next month, for the participants to look at their biblical and sociological role, effective parental corporal punishment and morals and values, as part of family education.

Now that the drive against truants is fast approaching its first anniversary, Arthur said, despite a shortage of motor vehicles in some instances, the interference of bystanders during actual street exercises and the shortage of school uniforms for children, much has been achieved.

She said, the next step is to place the errant children in schools, a task assigned to the Placement Division of the Education Ministry.

Arthur reported, too, that, to date, only six of those taken into the Ministry’s care have never been to school.

She stressed the urgent need for a halfway home for them.

Arthur acknowledged that a centre for street children has been established but said it is being used for another purpose.

“If we have another similar facility, we can better accommodate the children we have under our care,” she pointed out.

The drive to make sure school age children attend learning institutions and not wander was resuscitated last October, with the aim of taking investigations into homes and finding suitable solutions.