Olive Gopaul in major anti-AIDS campaign
Guyana Chronicle
July 1, 2002

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MISS Guyana/World 2001, Olive Gopaul, is to feature prominently in an anti-AIDS campaign by the Guyana Red Cross Society and furniture giant COURTS, in collaboration with the Miss Guyana/World Pageant.

The campaign will be themed “Rap It Up Everytime”.

According to Assistant Pageant Coordinator of Miss Guyana/World, Ms Andrea McAdam, the project is of a public awareness nature, and Olive Gopaul will be the “poster girl” for the campaign which will last until March next year.

Gopaul has completed the photo shoot for the initial stage of the project and she will be featured on a huge poster at the COURTS Main Street, Georgetown store.

From then on, she will be featured in monthly activities for the project, which will be launched on July 12, and will also attract the participation of the 12 delegates of this year’s Miss Guyana/World Pageant.

The campaign is especially geared towards preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people.

“It is very crucial that young people who are sexually active use a condom every time”, Gopaul said in comments to the Chronicle.

She is excited to be part of the project, given that it aims at reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Guyana.

Guyana has the second highest HIV/AIDS figures in the Caribbean. The Caribbean itself is the second largest region in the world, outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, with the highest HIV/AIDS cases.

“I am happy that I can play a major role in the fight

against HIV/AIDS, because I am aware of the devastating impact that it can have, not only on the individual and his/her immediate family, but on the economic and social fabric of a country”, Gopaul said. - (NEIL MARKS).