Guyana Council of Churches plans closer contact with other religions
Stabroek News
June 26, 2002

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One of the decisions coming out of the Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Council of Churches held last Tuesday was the approval of a programme of closer contacts with other religious and denominational groups.

The Council, comprising 16 Christian member churches, also approved proposals for the pursuit of closer cooperation with Hindu and Moslem organisations. According to a recent release, the Council was also mandated to cooperate with and expand Ecumenical Ministers groups in the different regions.

Bishop Juan Edghill of Outreach Ministries was re-elected Chairman of the Council. The other members, elected to serve for the next two years, are First Vice Chairman Reverend Roy Thakudyal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Second Vice Chairman Mike James of the Roman Catholic Church, Secretary Reverend Nigel Hazel of the Moravian Church, Treasurer/Assistant Secretary Treasurer Reverend Barrington Litchmore of the Methodist Church, and Executive Committee Members - Deacon Elizabeth Cummings of Outreach Ministries International, Reverend Andrew Morris Grant of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Reverend Alphanso Porter of the Nazarene Church.

The release further stated that the Council was mandated to establish a Board of Management of the David Rose Centre, to coordinate and expand on the varied social programmes being offered by the Centre through the Ministries of Education and Health, the President's Youth Choice Initiative, the Salvation Army and the Inner Wheel Library Service. Discussions are also to be finalised with the Post Office and the Telephone Company for the establishment of a postal outlet and telephone booths at the Centre.

The AGM also approved the recruitment of a full time Council Administrator to oversee and coordinate the programmes of the Council and the David Rose Centre Board.