Shallow grave murder suspect found hanging
Stabroek News
June 19, 2002

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Leslie Benjamin, the prime suspect in the killing of Sandra Castor, was found hanging yesterday in the couple's home, the police said. Castor's body was unearthed on Monday from a shallow grave not far from where the couple lived in a common law relationship. Benjamin had allegedly beaten Castor to death and then buried her in the shallow grave. Stabroek News understands that following the discovery of Castor's body on Monday, the police had gone to the area to investigate but Benjamin jumped through a window of the house and disappeared. He reportedly went back to the home late Monday evening and apparently hanged himself. Stabroek News also understands that Benjamin was seen on his return to the home on Monday but after a while no one heard any movement in the house. It was when a check was made of the house yesterday morning that his body was found. It was taken out of the house and transported to a city mortuary. Castor, 42, went missing three weeks ago. Neighbours had become suspicious after Castor's reputed husband was seen throwing disinfectant on the spot where her body was eventually found. He had also dumped sand and other material on the spot.