Who will win the football World Cup? What the People Say about:
By Andre Haynes
Stabroek News
June 18, 2002

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This week we asked the man/woman-in-the-street for their predictions on the winner of this year's World Cup Football competition:

Jeremy Garrido - office assistant: `I think Brazil will become the World Cup champions this year. They are skilful and they have been there already. Ronaldo is the greatest! Germany and some other teams are playing very well, but I don't think they stand a chance against Brazil.'

Shyann Shepherd - teacher: `It's anybody's game. The teams you expected to rally on are being booted out, look at France. And the teams you never expected to advance are making it through. Senegal for example, they beat France and even prevented them from scoring in the first game. They would be a good choice for the World Cup. Brazil's chances are very good. But you never know where it's going to go.'

Torin Gittens - taxi driver: `There's a lot of competition in the World Cup this year. I mean look at Germany and England and how well they are playing. But I feel the only ultimate winner this year will be Brazil, they will go home with the victory. They are a very strong team and you can see their confidence just by looking at the players.'

Ceon Blair - proprietor Classy's Barber-shop: `Right now, I am backing Brazil and Senegal. So far, they are doing well and they are both playing the most constructive football in the competition. Apart from that, Brazil is from South America, I have to support them. But South Korea is also playing very well and they will have to watch out for them. They are a good team and they have the crowd support. And crowd support is very important, it could put them back in any game when they are down.'

Christopher Lalchand - student: `The games are very exciting and we are in the second round now, there will be more excitement. There are a lot of strong teams and I don't think you can make any predictions. But if I had to make a choice for a winner, I would say it might either be Brazil, Japan or Spain.'

Sandra Hamilton - housewife: `Brazil will win because they have a very strong team and they have won the World Cup many times before. They can do it again.
There are stronger teams in the competition but Brazil have the experience, they know how to win.'

Kwesi Elcock - private sector employee: `The way the World Cup is going, you can't tell who will win. The competition itself depends only on luck, it's a chance game. Look at France, they are gone already and nobody could have predicted that. Luck will decide everything.'

Mark Lionel Bijulisingh - self employed: `Brazil have a strong team and I believe they have a good chance. They have one of the strongest teams they have ever had and they have been playing good. So have many of the others, but Brazil knows how to get it done. They will always be my favourite team.'

Shondell Romeo - administrative assistant: `Brazil will win the world Cup, I have a lot of confidence in them. And since they are our neighbours, we have to support them. Other teams are playing well also, but I am confident Brazil will win.'

Robert Marks - deck security: `I believe Senegal will win. They have very good strikers and look at their passing and co-ordination. Instead of the high passes, they are keeping the ball low. They had the ability to hold the World Champions off and win 1-0. I don't see any team stopping them. France used some very daring efforts, but even the world champions couldn't get the job done.'

Barbara Abrams - typist/clerk: I think either England or Germany will win this year. Senegal and Brazil are also playing very well, especially Senegal. They are playing very well for first timers. But I have been watching and from what I can see Germany have the strongest team in the competition and they are playing very well. They will overcome all the other teams.'