US tennis coaches want to rehabilitate Non Pariel By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
June 10, 2002

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Local tennis coaches based in the United States are willing to rehabilitate the Non Pariel tennis facility at their own expense, providing they get the Minister of Sport Gail Teixeira's corporation.

Speaking to Stabroek Sport in an exclusive interview, US based coach Esan Benn who has been coaching the sport professionally in the US said "Non Pariel (National Sports Commission's facility in Woolford Avenue) is degraded, the back board is broken down and there are many other problems there. No tennis is going on there right now. If we (US based coaches) get the government to give us the land we will rehabilitate the place", adding "in order for us to progress in the sport, we need facilities".

"We want to upgrade the tennis courts in Guyana but we need the minister (Teixeira) to assist us. I think if we have her help we can make progress" Benn opined.

Benn who is currently home on a holiday said the land in Woolford Avenue (Non Pariel) is wasting "it just lying there for years and nothing is being done to it when you can make a facility and make a world of difference".

"Myself and Bill Adams are willing to help local coaches but we need the corporation of the Minister of Sport. The government can help" Benn lamented and pointed out that once he and the others get the minister to assist, he will return to Guyana once a year to conduct clinics.

Benn is of the opinion that there are a number of talented tennis players in Guyana, but without proper facilities and exposure they will not get any better.

Benn informed that the US based coaches along with those based in Guyana are in the process of re-forming the Guyana Lawn Tennis Association and need the corporation of the local clubs.

Benn is currently conducting clinics at Cara Inn court and interested person can contact him on telephone number 225-1770 for more details.

He said he had intended to use the GBTI court in Bel Air for the clinics but the authorities there refused him permission. He pointed out that the GBTI facility has two courts, but what he claimed he heard is that the courts are being used by the bank's staff members and family or friends for cricket.

"I was very disappointed that I did not get the approval to use the courts (GBTI) for the current series of clinics" Benn said.