Mash Day jailbreak inquiry report handed over
Stabroek News
June 4, 2002

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The report commissioned into the February 23 jailbreak was handed over to Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, yesterday by Chairman of the Investigative Commission, Cecil Kennard.

The report, which was commissioned by the home affairs minister shortly after the escape of the five fugitives, Dale Moore, Andrew Douglas, Mark Fraser, Shawn Browne and Troy Dick from the city penal facility, was expected to look into issues of culpability and causes of the escape while issuing recommendations to remedy the situation.

Gajraj said that he would have to study the report before making any informed comment on its contents.

According to the minister it was his understanding that a great deal of evidence had been examined in arriving at conclusions and on which recommendations were made. He said that recommendations made would be carefully studied to assure their feasibility, applicability and suitability to the present arrangement before being implemented.

Kennard, speaking at the brief ceremony stated that the 30-odd-page report did not include transcripts of witnesses interviewed, which he said were being prepared separately, as they were voluminous. Kennard stated that all evidence collected related to the five felons who escaped the city jail including circumstances, which allowed them to get out. The recommendations according to Kennard were based on statements the commission heard during its deliberations and in keeping with the stated terms of reference. Questioned on the likely time of the release of the report to the public, Gajraj only said that it was his intention to do so as early as possible.