Scholarships not being utilised
Sports director Kumar
Stabroek News
May 31, 2002

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Director of Sports Neil Kumar on Wednesday evening said he was worried about the scholarship potential of some of the country's athletes.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony of the annual Youth Week Independence anniversary table tennis tournament held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the Director of Sports said many scholarship offers were unable to be accepted because many applicants did not have all the requirements.

Kumar praised the "aggressive leadership" of the Guyana Table Tennis Associa-tion (GTTA) under president Beni Sankar and secretary Sydney Christophe and said he was very happy with the turn out at the tournament.

Kumar also praised the parents who turned up to support their children whilst congratulating the winners, their parents and supporters. The Director of Sports pledged to stage a tournament during the month of August.

GTTA's coaches Joel Wilburg and Linden Johnson also came in for praise from the National Sports Commiss-ion's top executive.

And in response Sankar said that due to the GTTA's tournaments, more and more children were turning out. Sankar stressed that it was the GTTA's intention to have table tennis played in all the schools country-wide adding.. "slowly but surely we are getting there."

Sankar said he was happy to hear the Director of Sports' remarks about the scholarship offers since many children could not afford tertiary education.

He was also high in praise for Christophe, Johnson and Wilburg and disclosed that the GTTA is preparing to send teams to the Pan Am, USA Open, and junior and senior Caribbean championships in Puerto Rico later this year.