Teachers to get vacation allowance
Stabroek News
May 29, 2002

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Cabinet has approved the granting of vacation allowance for teachers so that they will now enjoy an additional month's salary during vacation leave which previously was treated as an advance and therefore had to be repaid.

This Cabinet decision which will take effect from January 1, 2002 is in keeping with government's commitment to improve the condition of teachers, a press release signed by Education Ministry permanent secretary, Hydar Ally said yesterday.

The release noted that the payment of vacation allowance to teachers on Whitley Council leave represented yet another non-salary benefit to teachers negotiated between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers Union.

Other benefits negotiated previously included the granting of Whitley Council leave every four years instead of every five years; the non-taxing of the hard-lying allowance paid to teachers in hinterland regions; and continued payment of salaries to teachers from hinterland regions attending the Cyril Potter College of Education. The increase in risk allowance for teachers in special schools and the granting of subsidies to teachers whose children are writing CXC/GCE examinations during the final May-June term are also among the negotiated benefits, the release added.