Man held in Suriname not jail escapee
Stabroek News
May 23, 2002

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The police are still trying to ascertain the identity of the person who had been held by the Surinamese police in the belief that he was Shawn Brown, who with four others escaped from the Camp Street jail on February 23.

Police sources say that the man is not Brown.

Informed sources have told Stabroek News that the police were using scientific methods to confirm the identity of the 24-year- old who is now reportedly being held at the Brickdam lockups.

Stabroek News understands that the man's mother has identified him as Derek Jardine and was asked to sign a statement to that effect. She reportedly told the police that her son had travelled to Cayenne, French Guiana about four years ago and she had recently learnt that he had been incarcerated there for the past three years.

Stabroek News understands that Jardine and two others are being held on a charge of armed robbery. Jardine is a resident of Fort Street, Kingston who grew up in a children's home in the city and Stabroek News learnt that the police visited his mother's home about two weeks ago in an effort to confirm information he had given the French authorities. He was recently released from jail in Cayenne and was arrested by the Surinamese authorities when he landed there.

Brown, Andrew Douglas, Troy Dick and Dale Moore escaped from the jail killing a prison officer and seriously injuring another in the process.

They have reportedly been involved in a number of car-jackings around the city and an armed robbery on Patrick Seebaran and his wife during which they seriously wounded two guards from Advanced Security Service. They were also said to be involved in a shootout with the police at a house in Prasad Nagar during which they eluded capture but reportedly left evidence of their presence in the unoccupied house they were said to have holed up in. Evidence of their presence was reportedly found at a North Ruimveldt home as well.