Police still to confirm whether escapee nabbed
Stabroek News
May 22, 2002

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Up to press time, the police were not in a position to confirm that a man held by the Surinamese police is the escaped prisoner Shawn Brown.

Police public relations consultant, Royston King, told Stabroek News yesterday that a team of policemen had travelled to Suriname to confirm the identity of the person held there. He cautioned, however, that the information provided by the Surinamese authorities was just that the man looked like Brown.

Brown, Dale Moore, Andrew Douglas, Mark Fraser, and Troy Dick escaped from the Camp Street jail on February 23, and are alleged to have committed a number of armed robberies, which have left the country traumatised and uneasy. During their escape one prison officer was killed and another seriously wounded.

Among the robberies the four are reported to have committed was the attack on Patrick Seebaran and his wife on May 3 during which guards from Advanced Security Service were fired on. Two of the guards were injured. The following day they were reportedly involved in a 45-minute shootout with the police from a house in Prashd Nagar but eluded capture.