Man held in Suriname looks like prison escapee
- local detectives going to check
Stabroek News
May 21, 2002

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Police in Suriname have detained a man said to bear a strong resemblance to one of the five prison escapees who broke out of the Camp Street jail on February 23 and detectives from the local police force are making arrangements to travel to the neighbouring republic.

Contacted yesterday a senior source in the force confirmed that authorities in Suriname had requested their presence to identify a man who, they said, looks like one of the escapees.

The five Shawn Browne, Andrew Douglas, Dale Moore, Mark Fraser and Troy Dick fled the Georgetown penal institution after fatally wounding a male warden and critically injuring a female officer in a midday breakout.

Since then the five have been on the run and have been fingered as being involved in several car hijackings and robberies and other criminal activities.

It is not known if the man detained by the authorities in Suriname is Shawn Browne as claimed by other newspapers since he has not been positively identified by local law enforcement authorities. This may be confirmed in the next few hours when the Guyanese lawmen arrive in Suriname.

Authorities in the neighbouring republic reportedly identified the man detained as one of the escapees based on wanted bulletins and information he reportedly gave when apprehended.