A list of major crimes from March 21, to date
Stabroek News
May 18, 2002

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* March 21 - A taxi driver was hijacked by two armed men in Camp Street and ordered to take them to Linden; prison escapees suspected.

* March 26 - Three jewellers (Jaikarran Singh, Mark James and the owner of John's Jewellery Establishment) were shot at and robbed in Alberttown, Georgetown.

* March 30 - Montrose barbecue chef, Bibi Alli, recalls horror of armed robbery. Ramchand Narine robbed of $1.3 million in cash and a .23 Taurus revolver.

* April 1 - Bandits hijack three cars: Army Officer, Lt Col Christine King robbed, terrorized and her car hijacked. Canadians beaten, robbed and their car hijacked. Bandits attempt to hijack La Familia manageress' vehicle.

* April 2 - Linden/Soesdyke Highway: Police Superintendent Leon Fraser killed.

* April 3 - Toy gun bandit gets more than he bargained for when he attempted to rob a Belgian couple at the corner of Church and East streets.

* April 6 - Police shoot Buxton man, Shaka Blair, dead in home. Villagers protest; roadblocks erected.

* April 9 - Managing Director of Anral Shipping Andre Ramphal of Subryanville and Marceline Basdeo kidnapped by bandits. Basdeo's car used on April 10 by bandits who attempted to rob a home in Section 'K' Campbellville and was later abandoned in front of the American School.

* April 10 - A gang of four heavily armed bandits attempted to rob Mohan Persaud of Dadanawa Street, Section 'K', Campbellville but residents shot at the bandits. The bandits hijacked a vehicle from outside the American School.

* April 12 - Sheik M. Asweem and wife robbed at gunpoint of $110,000, cell phone and jewellery at Camary Chinese restaurant on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.

* April 13 - Channa bomb thrown into house. Gavin Sobers killed and Melroy Goodman shot by unknown gunmen at Church Road, Bachelor's Adventure, E.C.D.

* April 15 - Mark Nelson critically injured at Buxton, E.C.D. during the chaos that erupted after Shaka Blair's funeral.

* April 15 - Harry Kooseram, a policeman, killed on his way to work at the Vigilance Police Station, E.C.D. Assailant fired six bullets into his body.

* April 21 - Three armed men robbed a resident of Campbell Avenue, Campbellville of $300,000, US$320, two gold bands, one silver band and one National Bank of Industry & Commerce ATM card.

* April 21 - Police shoot youth, Selwyn Stephen, in thigh after morning robbery. Died - 22 April.

* April 24 - Drive by shooting: Car riddled with bullets at Go-Slow Avenue, Tucville. One man in hospital, two suspects held.

* April 26 - On Princes and Haley streets: Man robbed, beaten in attack by gun-toting bandits. Wife kidnapped, dumped in Sophia

* April 26 - Armed men shoot, injure couple, Brian Chester and his reputed wife, Dionne Glasgow. Home sprayed with bullets; Friendship residents terrorised.

* May 1 - Butcher, Sham, beaten and robbed at Friendship, E.C.D.

* May 2 - Driver and porter employed with Preferred Distributors Inc. robbed of $1.5 million and three bales of cigarettes valued $60,000 by armed bandits at Coverden, E.B.D.

* May 3 - Two security guards shot and wounded. Patrick Seebarran owner of Patsan's and his wife Gina attacked, robbed. After bandits' vehicle shot at and wheel punctured, Green Line taxi hijacked.

* May 4 - Police stormed a North Ruimveldt house as the search for the Patsan's bandits; Cops lay siege to Prashad Nagar Home. Empty house showed signs of recent occupation by bandits.

* May 5 - Drive-by shooting: `Taps' son Shawn Butcher, shot and injured.

* May 5 - Contractor and workers robbed of $11,000 and equipment valued in excess of $200,000 by armed bandits at the Railway Embankment Road.

* May 6 - US-based Guyanese, Mark Anthony Sancho, shot dead, two others - Junior Callendar, Osmond Forester - injured.

* May 7 - A man approached a shop in Norton Street, Lodge under the pretext of purchasing a cigarette but fired a number of bullets before escaping.

* May 8 - A taxi driver reported to the police he was hijacked in Pike Street, Kitty and robbed by two men, one of whom he identified as prison escapee Shawn Browne.

* May 10 - Police shoot and kill Princes Street resident, Wesley Hendricks. Claimed man had loaded AK-47 in hand.

* May 11 - Man and wife shot dead by bandits. (Ramdeo and Sita Persaud of Annandale E.C.D.)

* May 11 - Police say vehicle fired on near Buxton. Two policemen injured.

* May 14 - Businessman robbed of cash, wristwatch and motor-scooter while in Garnett Street Health Mart. Same scooter suspected used in another robbery at Jairam's General Store two days later.

* May 16 - Bandits shot security guard, Chaitram Etwaru dead and carted off $600,000 from Jairam's General Store on Saffon Street, Charlestown.