Mercy hospital now offers mammograms
Stabroek News
May 17, 2002

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The St Joseph Mercy Hospital has expanded its X-ray service to include mammography and, according to a release from the hospital, reports read by a radiologist are available in 48 hours.

Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Sheila Walsh, stressed that these examinations are important for women over the age of 35, since routine self-inspection of the breast and annual mammograms allow for the early detection and treatment of breast problems, especially cancer.

"We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us," she stated, adding that women can "then be proactive, rather than hoping it will all just go away.

Annual mammograms and monthly self breast exams are a good beginning."

Mammography is an important test to diagnose abnormalities in the breast, and based on recommendations coming out of worldwide cancer organisations, women over the age of 35 should have one every year. Appointments may be made at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital X-ray Department by calling 223-5449.