Commission's report being finalised
Stabroek News
May 16, 2002

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The report of the commission appointed to examine the circumstances leading to the escape of five men from the Camp Street jail on February 23, will be completed shortly following the conclusion of evidence gathering.

The document, according to head of the Commission, Cecil Kennard, was being compiled and would be handed over to Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, on the return of one of the commission's members, Guyana Defence Force Lt Col, Christine King, to the country. King, he said, was overseas and was expected to return around next week.

Contacted by Stabroek News yesterday on the status of the investigations into the daring Mash day jailbreak which saw the killing of one prison officer and the severe wounding of another, Kennard confirmed that the report was currently being finalised.

According to Kennard, also Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, some 27 witnesses were called to give evidence before it.

Among these were five police officers, three inmates, a civilian and several prison service personnel.

The investigative team, which included Kennard and King, also comprised former senior police and prison officers and was mandated to look into, among other things, the circumstances surrounding the February 23 escape by the five prisoners; the culpability of any person(s) for the escape and to make recommendations as to the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against those found to be culpable; and to look into the existing security arrangements with respect to the custody, management and control of prisoners classified as dangerous.

The whereabouts of the five prison escapees, Andrew Douglas, Troy Dick, Dale Moore, Mark Fraser and Shawn Browne continue to be a mystery to the police, who, since their breakout, launched a massive campaign to recapture them.

Recent reports have indicated that the five wanted men were operating in and around the East Coast Demerara village of Buxton. Their trails have led to that community, essentially its backlands, after several incidents in which they were sighted.

They have also been linked to several crimes committed since the February 23 escape.