No evidence that Hendricks' body tampered with -police
Stabroek News
May 16, 2002

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The Guyana Police Force is refuting statements made in a Monday evening Prime News report and subsequent video footage on Basil Bradshaw's Wake Up Guyana show on Channel 9 yesterday which gave the impression that the body of Wesley Hendricks aka 'Litte Mate' was tampered with prior to an autopsy.

Hendricks was shot dead by the police in his Princes Street home last week.

A press release from the force yesterday stated that two pathologists, including one retained by the deceased's family, and a brother of the dead man were present at the time of the autopsy and saw no evidence to suggest that the body had been tampered with.

The post-mortem examination was said to have revealed that Hendricks died of haemorrhage and shock resulting from gunshot wounds suffered when he was shot by police on May 10.

The deceased's brother, Bryan Hendricks, who had on Monday made the disclosure that he had seen evidence that the deceased's body was cut up, told Stabroek news yesterday that he might have been misled by the sight of dried blood on the body.

The police release further urged media houses to act responsibly and avoid sensationalising issues by publishing misinformation which could seriously affect the integrity of the force and its members.

Attempts to mislead the public, particularly when the facts of an issue are not revealed, may only serve to fuel activities aimed at breaching peace and stability in the country the release added.

Pathologist, Dr Edward Simon observed the post-mortem on the deceased family's behalf.