Two escapees hired car on Tuesday
Stabroek News
May 9, 2002

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A taxi driver got the scare of his life early on Tuesday evening when he recognised passengers he was transporting in his car as two of the five men who escaped from the Camp Street prison on February 23.

Stabroek News was yesterday reliably informed that the driver picked up the two men from East Street and they instructed him to travel to Croal Street.

Reports said that the driver recognised the two suspects as they were returning to his car from a spot where they had disembarked to pick up two number plates.

The driver became even more suspicious when he was told to travel to Buxton on the East Coast Demerara.

In recent times, cars hijacked in the city were found abandoned in the Buxton area and there have been reports that the five escapees have been seen in the community on numerous occasions.

According to information received the men told the taxi driver to stop at a house in the village where they collected two bags which they dropped off at another house in the said village a few minutes after.

The driver, sources say, then dropped the men off in Norton Street.

The five escapees are Dale Moore, Shawn Brown, Mark Fraser, Troy Dick and Andrew Douglas.