Key police witness to testify
Stabroek News
May 5, 2002

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A key police witness will be called on Monday to give evidence as the probe continues into the Mash day jailbreak.

Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Cecil Kennard, said that from information received Senior Superintendent Adams attached to the Criminal Investigation Department was in receipt of information that was pivotal to the probe.

According to Kennard, the senior police officer was reportedly in receipt of certain information about a firearm being thrown over the prison wall some time around January 28 this year.

This information, Kennard stated was vital to the investigation since the prison officer, who survived the attack, Roxanne Winfield, received her injury as a result of a bullet wound. Her colleague, 21-year-old Troy Williams, was stabbed several times in the chest and died as a result of his wounds. The information, said to be central to the investigation, was garnered from evidence given by two senior prison officials in their testimony to the team.

The team was said to be awaiting a report into the Mash day prison breakout from police who carried out investigations into the occurrence. According to Kennard, the team had written to Commissioner of Police (ag), Floyd McDonald, requesting a copy of the report to facilitate its probe.

Meanwhile appeals are continuing to be made by police to the escapees to surrender themselves to the lawful authorities. The latest appeal came from McDonald at a press briefing on Thursday with media personnel.

Police, he said, were continuing to relentlessly hunt down the five escapees, whom they have classified as armed and dangerous, while calling for patience on the part of the public.

On February 23, the four remanded prisoners and one convicted felon - Andrew Douglas, Troy Dick, Shawn Browne, Dale Moore and Mark Fraser - breached the front entrance of the Camp Street penal facility before hijacking a car in a nearby street and escaping.

Since then there have been several sightings but none has developed into anything substantial.