Cops still probing Main St kidnapping
Stabroek News
May 4, 2002

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The police are still investigating the kidnapping of a man and woman early last month which caused jitters in the midst of a car hijacking and robbery spree.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Floyd McDonald on Thursday said that the police had no reason to disbelieve the story told by the kidnapped duo.

Marceline Basdeo, 23, of 163 Leonora, West Coast Demerara and Andre Ramphal, 48, of First Avenue, Subryanville and managing director of Anral Shipping Company had reported to the police that they were kidnapped by armed men on April 9 and left in a house while the car they were in was used in an attempted robbery.

McDonald, asked by media representatives at a press conference on Thursday what was the story told to the police by the kidnapped two, replied, "the information published in the press is not dissimilar to what was reported."

Since the incident, neither the police nor the couple has been forthcoming about what transpired on that April 9 evening when the two disappeared and Basdeo's car was used in an attempted robbery in Campbellville. Repeated attempts to speak to the two about their ordeal proved to be futile as they have refused to divulge any information.

The two had reportedly told the police that they were forcibly taken from outside Hotel Tower in Basdeo's car and dumped in a house. They later managed to free themselves and contacted relatives with the use of Ramphal's cellular phone.

Many questions have since arisen about the details of their story particularly because of the seriousness of the attempted robbery in Dadanawa Street, Section K Campbellville the morning after they were kidnapped. Bandits had liberally sprayed houses with gunfire after their robbery bid failed and they fled.

A source close to the woman had told this newspaper that Basdeo was in her car when two men drove up slowly and asked for directions. Ramphal was some distance away and was signalled by Basdeo to assist the two men when two bandits approached on foot and ordered the man into the woman's car at gunpoint. She was then instructed to drive to the seawall area. The bandits, who were reportedly wearing stocking-like masks, held Ramphal's head down at the back of the vehicle until they arrived at the seawall. While there two other men joined them and the kidnapped duo were blindfolded and bound then driven off to an abandoned home reportedly on Kaieteur Road, Bel Air Park.

McDonald did not disclose whether his ranks were able to locate the house.