Guyanese shooters dominated
--by powerful British team By Michael DaSilva
Stabroek News
April 30, 2002

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The visiting Great Britain (GB) rifleshooting team captured both the team and individual titles in the friendly match against a national lineup at the Timehri ranges which ended yesterday.

In the team competition, the visitors scored 1187 points with 147 V-Bulls, while the local marksmen, shooting in familiar conditions, could only manage 1150 points with 116 V-Bulls, but it was their best ever performance at Timehri.

In the individual competition which ended on Sunday afternoon, Great Britain's Paul Charlston who scored 146 points with 14 V-Bulls on the opening day (Saturday), ended with 292 points and 38 V-Bulls after two days of competition in the individual category.

Charlston's teammate John Carmichael who scored 143 points 10 V-Bulls on the opening day, finished second in the points table of the individual category with 290 points 23 V-Bulls, while Guyana's Richard Fields placed third with 289 points, 32 V-Bulls.

Former Caribbean and current Guyana champion, Ransford Goodluck, had to settle for 9th while his team mate Leo Romalho placed 10th.

The fourth to eight positions were occupied by the British marksmen.

In the visitors' scores from the team competition, Carmichael finished with 150 points and 19 V's, Kelvin Ramsey 149 points and 17 V's, Adrian Thompson 149 points with 20 V's, David Dyson 149 points with 17 V's, Peter Barry and Charlston 148 points with 20 V's each, Gary Alexander 148 points 18 V's and Peter Thompson 146 points 16 V's.

Of the ten shooters which made up the English team, Sarah Rennie's score of 146/15 and Sally Roots' 144/13 was not taken into account.

For the locals, Mahendra Persaud scored 149 points with 23 V's, Goodluck 147 points with 19 V's, Claude Dugid 145 points with 16 V's, Lennox Braithwaithe 145 points with 15 V's, Leo Romalho 144 points with 12 V's, Fields 143 points with 12 V's, Paul Slowe 139 points with 12 V's and Dane Blair 138 points with seven V's.

Ryan Sampson's 135/10 and Mohamed Yusuf's 133/18 was not counted for the locals in the team competition.

Yesterday's team shoot was conducted over the 300, 500 and 1000-yard ranges.

The presentation of prizes to the respective winners was scheduled for last evening at the Bank of Guyana Roof Garden.

The visitors will leave Guyana today for Trinidad and Tobago where they will engage riflemen from that island in a similar friendly competition before moving on to Jamaica for another friendly match.