Lawmen engaged in crime scene work -Luncheon
Stabroek News
April 25, 2002

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Intelligence work and crime scene analysis are at present the emphasis of the law enforcement agencies in their efforts to recapture the five prisoners who escaped from prison on February 23, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said.

Briefing reporters on issues arising out of Tuesday's Cabinet meeting, Luncheon said Cabinet was advised that efforts by the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were underway to pursue witnesses at the various scenes of crime where the escapees were thought to be involved.

This would include investigations conducted on evidence they left behind such as fingerprints and various instruments they may have used or which were found at the scene. Their investigations would include examination, sourcing and identification of instruments used.

He said that Cabinet was also advised that the CID was using witnesses and their ability to identify individuals who were involved at the scene where crimes were committed.

These efforts, he said, would help them to recapture the escapees and subsequently arrest others who were involved in those incidents.

The five escapees are Andrew Douglas, Dale Moore, Troy Dick, Mark Fraser and Shawne Browne. One prison officer was killed and another seriously injured in the bloody breakout. Since their flight to freedom there has been a spate of violent crimes and some of the gang members were identified as the perpetrators.