Image of police as symbol of law and order being destroyed - PNC/R
Stabroek News
April 21, 2002

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The PNC/R has asserted that it stands unswerving in its support for law and order in Guyana and is anxious to cooperate with the members of the force in meeting their commitment to ‘Protect and Serve’.

In an open letter to the Guyana Police Force, published as an advertisement in today’s paper, the party said that the policeman in uniform had for years been the symbol of law and order, and citizens saw the law and felt a sense of pride and security when they looked at a policeman.

“Sadly, that image is being destroyed. Some among you (albeit a small minority) have chosen, or have been encouraged by a misguided political directorate to operate outside of the law; to operate with lawlessness like the common criminals whom you have sworn to pursue.

They bring shame to a Force that has always boasted of a fine tradition,” the PNC/R posited. And that is the concern of the PNC/R, the party declared.

“It is those members of the Target Special Squad, with their crude sense of justice, unrefined confrontational tactics and extra-judicial killings, that the party demands be exorcised.

“Our most reasonable demand is that your Force be purged of these criminals; that the fine tradition which has been built by the selfless dedication of those who have gone before you be restored, that the force may once again be seen as a clear career choice to which young men and women, anxious to serve and protect, could aspire.

“We do not have an anti-police stance.

“We share with you the pain you feel whenever one of your colleagues fall and we cry shame at those who commit the dastardly acts and hope that they will be brought to justice. We cannot and will not encourage disrespect for such a fine institution which is the first line of defence against the descent into lawlessness, disorder and yes - anarchy.”

The PNC/R contended, “the suggestion that those who criticise police indiscretions are for the criminals, comes from political simpletons or the politically devious who themselves have chosen the path of executive lawlessness.

These same elements have persistently demonstrated their lack of trust in and contempt for the ranks of the GPF.”

In concluding, the PNC/R said that it saluted the “decent men and women” of the force who day after day worked within the law and put their lives at risk in pursuing their noble profession.