Food for the Poor to start hinterland expansion
$2B in aid shared in 2001
Stabroek News
April 12, 2002

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Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc will expand its service this year, specifically targeting hinterland areas where rural poverty is at its worst.

To this end, Executive Director, Leon Davis, revealed on Wednesday that the charitable organisation was set to receive double the number of containers of food items it got last year.

The charity, located on Blue Mountain Road Festival City, presented its audited financial statements at a press conference and reported a steep increase in its current assets for the financial year ending December 31, 2001. The accounting firm, Ram and McRae audited the charity's finances.

Speaking at the press conference, Davis told the media that the organisation's current assets jumped from $7,167,563 in the year 2000 to $25,062,238 in the year 2001 due to cash and cash equivalents.

The non-profit organisation also reported that last year it received a gift of 75 containers of food items from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which gave a significant boost to its food distribution programme. According to Davis, this year the organisation is to receive another 140 containers of food items from the USDA, which will be distributed to the poor by their network of committees across the country.

"Our work is also supported by our affiliate, Food For The Poor (Miami), the fourth largest international charity in the United States," Davis said. He said that his organisation was a growing one and in the year 2001, over $2 billion in goods and aid were distributed to the poor in Guyana. He said fundraising and donations generated 75 per cent of FFTP's income and that in its quest to reach more of the needy, the organisation would target as many interior locations in the country as possible. He said in the past the organisation had experienced severe difficulty in transporting goods to the interior, but has since acquired a truck which is being used to transport the goods. He said that though a cost was attached to the services offered by the truck, the organisation was prepared to bear it.

The executive director reminded that FFTP continued to make donations to church groups, schools and other service organisations. He said that the organisation was not only involved in distributing food items but also sporting equipment, furniture for schools and equipment for the Georgetown Public Hospital.

In addition, Davis informed the media, twice each month his organisation distributes food items among other things to individuals at the Festival City office. He said that distribution of goods and other items is also done through agencies that are set up by community members, who are attached to FFTP. He noted that whenever donations were given out field auditors would check on the level of distribution and other related matters. He pointed out that this was being done to ensure that the goods were distributed equally and to their satisfaction, and fulfilled the purpose for which they were applied for.

He expressed gratitude to his donors. "As we expand our programmes, we also acknowledge our commitment to our donors and supporters and maintain the focus of transparency and accountability in our operations."

The organisation's aim is to link the church of the first world with that of the third in a manner that helps both the materially poor and the poor in spirit, while serving without race or religious barriers. FFTP was founded as a charitable organisation in Guyana on March 22, 1991 and is affiliated to FFTP Miami, which is the fourth largest international charity in the USA.