US-based charity donating medical supplies to support HIV/AIDS persons
Stabroek News
April 7, 2002

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New World Resources Creation Center Inc, a United States-based charitable organisation which is conducting a support and aid programme for persons living with HIV and AIDS, has begun distributing medical supplies and other items to a number of hospitals across the country.

A representative of the organisation, Dawn Fraser, an old girl of Christ Church Secondary School, told Stabroek News that her visit was a follow-up to her trip six months ago when representatives of the organisation visited the hospitals to learn first-hand about their needs.

She said that following the visit last year, New World Resources together with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc and PWAC-C was able to mobilize medical and other supplies that had been identified and these were now ready for shipping to Guyana. The supplies that are being distributed now are just a small part of the consignment sitting in a warehouse in the New York area.

The supplies awaiting shipment include examination tables and chairs, syringes, aspirators, IV poles, wheelchairs, IV monitors, gauze and plasters, gloves, trolleys, gowns, aprons. She said that they are all in their original packaging.

Fraser said that both Guyana's ambassador, Dr Odeen Ishmael and its Consul General in New York, Brentnol Evans are aware of the supplies that are awaiting shipment to Guyana.

About her organisation's work in Guyana, Fraser said that they have been working with Youth with a Mission and G-Plus Silver, both non-governmental organisations to support their work in this area.

Fraser, who is also active in raising awareness of HIV and AIDS in New York, initiated the 'AIDS Walk for the Caribbean' last year, and this year the second walk is planned for July 14 in Brooklyn where there is a large Caribbean population and the infection rate among Caribbean immigrants is high.