GAWU mourns irreplaceable loss in death of Fraser
Stabroek News
April 7, 2002

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"The Anti-Crime Unit of the Guyana Police Force ... and ultimately, the security service and law-enforcement community, have suffered an irreplaceable loss with the death of one of the nation's most courageous policemen, Superintendent Leon Fraser," the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) stated in extending sympathy to the officer's family and colleagues.

In a press release, GAWU said that Fraser's demise was a significant loss to the organisation regarding the security of many of its members who felt threatened in some communities, particularly in the sugar belt. All law-abiding GAWU members and citizens, whether residents of rural or urban areas, would view with concern the fact that a segment of the society will sigh in some temporary relief. The release noted GAWU's agreement with former police commissioner Laurie Lewis's opinion that Fraser's squad had lent effective and respected support to the normal stations, which were sometimes disadvantaged.

GAWU said, too, that the country's economic development was dependent on an environment of law, order and peace and further, that Fraser died in an attempt to enforce those conditions. GAWU, as Guyana's largest trade union, saluted Fraser as a worker who made the "supreme sacrifice so that others may enjoy security."